The Essential Connection

Humans have lost the essential connection with the natural world that our ancestors recognized and maintained. There is a desperate need at this time for a return to ancient spiritual traditions of our sacred connection to Earth and Sky. We must strive to remember and relearn the principals of balance in life and to understand how the materialistic excesses of the modern world have thrown the balance out of alignment. With enlightened vision, we must see the Earth’s suffering as our own suffering, and heal by restoring the balance through love, compassion and authenticity. Humans have come to take for granted the economic prosperity, technology, and unlimited natural resources that have been exploited as a right and a privilege. But these blessings have not been used in a responsible and wise manner for the good of the planet and all it supports. The human race urgently needs to face up to a new age that will not support continued domination over nature and realize that the resources are not unlimited, but are running out, dying off and being irreversibly damaged or destroyed. The mass of humanity must relinquish its materialistic relationship with Mother Earth to survive the crisis of a world no longer willing to suffer aggression and dominance.