The idea for Ancient Earth was born many years ago when my best friend and I lived together for a year. We had always wanted to open up a village witch shop, but not like the many new-age shops on every corner, but a different kind of shop. One filled with ritual tools we had made ourselves, herbs we had grown and harvested under the moon, oils we had blended in our kitchens, jewellery and art that we had put together with creativity. We wanted a shop that reflected our lives within the Craft. We wanted to offer items that we used ourselves, that were created with love and careful intention, sourced locally and presented without plastic and neon. We wanted a shop that would be filled with our quirky humour and look like our homes looked- natural, re-purposed and sustainable. Mail orders coming soon.
Hail and welcome.

The following is a general outline of casting and spell work for those who already may have some training or practice and are curious about the path and type of magic our products are made for. We believe that every path and magical journey is valid so long as no harm is done to oneself or others. The concept of “harm”, however, is very convoluted and is a long conversation to be held with oneself. Go forth and be glorious! Biodh Se!

Circle Casting for Ritual

Dress altar with any needed tools and items

Light the candles at the four directions and the center (altar)

Cleanse all participating with the smoke wand

Asperge all with salt water and cedar branch

State intent for the ritual

Cast the circle with knife, broom, or salt water or any combination moving deosil

Call the quarters starting with Air/East moving deosil

Call the Centre/God/Goddess

Ground and centre with a guided meditation

Proceed with workings

Raise energy to complete the working with drums, chanting, dance

Ground/Release by touching the Earth, Tree or Rock

Have cakes and wine

Release the Centre/Gods/Goddesses

Release the Quarters starting with Earth moving widdershins extinguishing candles

Release any other entities invoked

Open the circle moving widdershins



This is a basic way of casting a circle and doing a magical working for Sabbats, (seasonal celebrations) or Esbats (full, partial or dark moon workings), but by no means the only way. Rituals for other events such as baby blessings, protection rituals, banishings, warding, etc. can also use this procedure or one written especially for that event. This is only a guide and it is recommended that practitioners develop their own methods that make sense to them. In my original path, all the castings were done with Irish mythology, Old Irish Gods and Goddesses and Gaeilge language using this basic technique. It is interesting and advantages to research your ancestral history using that as a basis for your practice.

Spell Work

Doing spell work need not be done in ritual to be effective but most ritual includes spell work. Spell work can be as simple as lighting a candle in remembrance of a loved one, a prayer, a repeating thought or as complicated as a warding of property, manifesting or protective magic. To do effective spell work, clearing the mind of distractions, focusing intent, and using props is recommended. A darkened room, a lit candle, incense, chanting or background music, use of herbs, oils or other items are often very helpful. It is, however, important to note that an experienced practitioner does not need any props or tools to do effective magic. The power of the mind and body connected with intent and will is all that is needed to perform magic. For most, this takes many years of practice. Proceed at your own pace.

Notes on Energy Workings

It is very important to research and practice methods of energy work to make your ritual workings effective. Energy work at Ancient Earth is defined as tapping into and manipulating the natural earth energies with your mind and body for magical intent. (this is different than the energy work associated with the health and wellness movement) Energy work can be done alone but is always more effective done with two or more people that have a close relationship and trust with each other. For a simple way to feel what this energy is, clap your hands together several times, then rub your palms in a fast circular motion gradually pulling your hands slightly away from each other. This tingle and “pulling” feeling is the energy being raised. With practice and time, it is possible to manipulate your surroundings with this energy. Many years ago, a group of us were able to slowly spin a ceiling mobile around in a draft-free room, then reverse the spin using our energy as we moved it around our circle hand to hand. When you are experienced enough to get to this stage, the spell work and magic that is possible is very effective.

It is also very helpful to practice meditation as a way of learning to focus your intent. Since intent is everything in spell work, understanding how to use intent to it’s most effective outcome is essential. Creating an astral temple, or a place of familiarity and calm that you can return to again and again will strengthen your mind and help you to “fall into” a meditative state quickly and on command. When you have mastered this type of meditation, you will find your spell work will be powerful and efficient.