Save Your Seeds

Saving seeds is one of the most satisfying activities for a gardener because it’s like getting free food. After the harvest for bought seeds, you have used the monetary value. When you save seeds further on, it’s all free.  Make sure you are saving seeds from open pollinated plants, not hybrids. If you can get … More Save Your Seeds

Ethical Wildcrafting

Wildcrafting, another name for foraging, is gathering materials usually herbs, plants or fungi that are grown naturally instead of cultivated to use for food, medicine or arts and crafts. Wildcrafting goes back to the beginning of time and it is only recently in the human timespan that agriculture and cultivation are used over wildcrafting to … More Ethical Wildcrafting

A Simple Samhain Ritual

By Nightchade Gather your materials – something small that you will burn in the fire, one for each name and 4 for the forgotten – springs of rosemary, tiny pine cones, handfuls of herbs, write on strips of paper the names of who you want to honour – whatever feels right to you. Read this … More A Simple Samhain Ritual

The Still Room at the Witchery- Stocking Up for a Lockdown

——————————————————————————————————————– Stocking Up for a Winter Lockdown I keep seeing people come back to the issue of stocking up… that is stocking up on food and goods for the coming winter in which it looks like it could be a covid lockdown winter. This is frightening for a lot of people because the spring 2020 … More The Still Room at the Witchery- Stocking Up for a Lockdown

The Essential Connection

Humans have lost the essential connection with the natural world that our ancestors recognized and maintained. There is a desperate need at this time for a return to ancient spiritual traditions of our sacred connection to Earth and Sky. We must strive to remember and relearn the principals of balance in life and to understand … More The Essential Connection