Oils, herbs and stones ~ How to use.


The tools, herbs, oils and candles we sell in the shop are intended to be used by people with a basic understanding of spell casting, ritual within a circle, seasonal sabbats and magical intent. We are not a teaching shop and understand that all paths within the esoteric umbrella in metaphysical studies are valid. We encourage all to research, explore and read as much as you can so that you will get the most benefit from the products we sell. This is an ever-changing list of some of the things we sell in the shop and in the witch boxes. NEVER, EVER INGEST INGREDIENTS!

Create your own Spell Bags
Bits of polished quartz included to amplify your spell.
Center and ground
Gathering ingredients
that correspond to your intent
such as plant parts, crystals, oils, sigils, etc.
Name your spell
Speak your intent
Set the intent
Finish then ground
Place ingredients into spell bag necklace
Wear until you feel the spell has played out.
Cleanse the bag before starting a new spell
with smoke, moon light, sunlight, etc.

Ancient Oils– The old recipes:

Uncrossing Oil- Uncrossing oil is used to fend off jinxes, hexes, bad luck, blocked energy, and bad habits. It gets you back on the right path again. Use in an uncrossing ritual to send a message loud and clear that you are READY to get your groove back and step into your mojo again. You can put a dot of it inside your shoes to get you on the right path, anoint candles for ritual, place a drop in the four corners of your home to clear out negativity, anoint haunted items before disposing of them, add a couple of drops to a purifying bath, or a floor wash for spiritual cleansing. Contains: rose, hyssop, lavender, lemongrass, rue, sunflower oil.

Black Cat Oil- Black Cat oil probably originated in the New Orleans area. It is used for luck by gamblers, wisewomen, charmers or people that have certain feline traits. In many magical traditions, black cats are considered good luck, especially to people that own them. (or that are owned BY them) The oil can be used in spells for divination, luck, and invisibility. Good for seduction, charisma and sneaking away from bad luck. Good for anointing black candles during dark moon magic. Contains: bay leaves, grains of paradise, sage, myrrh, sunflower oil, lodestone charged and each vial contains 3 hairs lovingly donated by my black cat Hecate.

New Orleans Van Van Oil- Van Van oil has it’s roots in the deep south from at least a 100 or more years ago. It is an all purpose oil which changes bad luck to good luck, and it’s pungent scent of herbs and grasses is an insect repellent. It has a solid reputation for shaking off evil. Use it to anoint lucky charms, and tools of magic, dress candles. Mix a few drops into floor washes, room sprays, and cleansing baths before doing spell work. Also, it works well during Mercury retrograde cycles to sharpen the mind. Contains: lemongrass, vetiver, patchouli, jojoba oil, sunflower oil. Master mix is charged with lodestone.

Four Thieves Oil– The legend of four thieves oil goes back centuries. During the Black Death, it is said that a gang of four spice traders were robbing houses and stealing possessions of the dead but never getting sick themselves. When they were eventually apprehended, they were forced to tell the secret of their immunity. The potion was a blend of herbs that warded off the plague. The oils and vinegars made from these herbs are said to be a cure-all. While I don’t believe anything is a cure-all, this oil is a powerful ally in magic workings. Dip a finger in it to draw a pentagram, use it to anoint tools, candles, a few drops in floor wash, draw sigils on window sills and door frames, a drop on a door knob is said to foil swindlers. Contains: lemongrass, sweet orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon leaf, garlic, cinnamon stick, chili pepper, peppercorns, cloves, sunflower oil.

Other Oils

All of my oils have carrier oil which may contain the following: olive, sunflower, grape seed, jojoba

Ritual Oil– may contain: frankincense, myrrh, benzoin. Use to anoint candles, a drop on forehead, draw pentagram on window sills, etc.

Come-to-Me- Contains essential oils of rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, patchouli, musk fragrance oil, vanilla oil infusion, sunflower oil.

Dragon’s Blood– This is a fragrance oil, contains amber scent, patchouli, rose, sandlewood, sweet orange, vanilla bean, dragon’s blood resin, sunflower oil. Power oil.

Smoke Wands

Juniper – The smoke wand can be used to purify self or space, in saining ritual, or to freshen the air. Use with extreme caution as juniper burns rapidly when dry. If the wand seems too dry, you can spritz it with a small amount of water a short while before using. Always hold burning wands over a fireproof container. I grow this juniper in my garden with no pesticides.

Sage– White Sage is grown sustainably by me in my garden with no pesticides. I am phasing out all sources of commercially sourced sage as this is an endangered plant due to overharvesting of wild sources in some areas in the U.S. Commercially grown sage is not endangered, however, I choose to grow it myself.

Artemisia Tridentata– I wildcraft (picking from wild areas, not cultivated) artemisia from the wilderness of the Okanagan, BC. This plant grows abundantly over a wide area all over the southern interior desert regions. This plant has a great deal of sacred energy, purifying and clearing when used as a smoke wand.

Cedar and other evergreens– These are wildcrafted from areas on my property or close to where I live. All are sustainably and carefully harvested as to not harm the trees.


  • Moonstone– birth, grounding, protection. Use in full moon rites.
  • Amethyst – focus, calm, contentment, prevent intoxication
  • Bloodstone– physical strength, courage, healing
  • Tree Agate– healing, success, gardening, growing
  • Tiger’s Eye– protection, luck, focus, mental clarity
  • Clear Quartz– cleanse and amplify
  • Rose Quartz– love, trust and harmony
  • Carnelian– stimulation, courage, stabilizing
  • Moss Agate- binds the energies of nature
  • Sodalite– rational thought, objectivity, balance, calming
  • Lapis Lazuli– truth, wisdom, intuition, communication
  • Dragonstone– manifest primal and warrior energies
  • Hematite– the warrior’s stone, memory, concentration and focus
  • Serpentine– spiritual insight, regeneration, clears stagnant energy
  • Obsidian– truth, protection against psychic attack, and negativity
  • Onyx– will power, reason, self-discipline, focus, strength


All herbs grown by me without pesticides. Do Not Ingest. For magical intent only.

Marigold– protection, psychic ability, legal matters

Mugwort– dreams, strength, divination

Jasmine– prophesy, moon magic, dreaming

Yarrow– divination, courage, love

Rowan– protection, health, wisdom

Hawthorne– heart healing, enchantment, guardian, good luck

Lavender– sleep, love, calming

Cedar– Long life, creation of sacred space, growth, healing and protection

Pine– healing, prosperity, protection

Rose petals– helps with invoking love and passion, and healing

Bay leaves– victory, healing, protection, divination


The rune set we use is the Elder Futhark. This writing system is older than the Viking era. We suggest you get a good reference book on runes, as the meanings and correspondences have a depth beyond the space here to describe.


Do Not Ingest Any Contents or Ingredients

Use With Caution and at own risk

Keep Out of Reach of Children

Never leave candles burning unattended and keep within eyesight at all times.

Products are intended for magical uses only. Outcomes of use of any product are not implied or guaranteed. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Ancient Earth shall not be held responsible for any injuries, damages or losses resulting from the use of any product within.

Leave no trace in our wild areas.