Hearth Stones

Hearth Stones is an ebb and flow community started more than a decade ago. Initially with a facebook page, now just a loose association of friends who are witches in BC. With everyone losing a great deal of connection throughout the pandemic, now is the time to come back together stronger than ever. A decade ago we met regularly for Sabbats and specialized circles as a supportive wider community. On Bealtaine 2012 we dedicated a small Goddess Temple, Earth-Rain-Sky, at the residence of the Mountain Witch with the deity Kybele being the Magna Mater. Shrines to Lugh, Thor and Bacchus were also made real. A basket of root stones brought to the Temple by those in attendance that day still reside in the Temple. This tiny Temple is an ongoing project, continuing to evolve and reflect the energies and intentions of those of us that love it.

We are putting that energy back together now, as the world continues to spiral downwards, having a strong supportive community is more important than ever.

Along with occasional circles for Moons and Sabbats, we have coffee cauldrons to meet up and discuss how our lives are going. We also do garden tours for information and inspiration. Anyone in the community can request help to put together an assistive working circle to address personal issues. These rituals are enacted according to the paths of those requesting the support, if they desire. All pagan paths are recognized and respected. Whether you are Wiccan, Traditional Witch, Druid, Pagan, Norse or any other pagan path, you are welcome at Hearth Stones. As long as you understand that we do not discriminate based on sex, gender, orientation, skin colour, ancestral heritage or age, you are welcome.

The Mountain Witch

I started the path of witchcraft in 2000. I am a second degree initiate of Scathach, a Wiccan Irish Mythological Reconstructionism coven, which is no longer practising together. Scathach and it’s teachings were created by Kerr Cuhulain, author, teacher and High Priest. During my years with Scathach, I dedicated to the deity Lugh Samildánach, with focus on learning many skills and harvest/food security. To this day, that dedication is the primary focus of not only my spiritual practice but my day to day life.

If I were to label myself, it would be Hearth Witch, although I don’t put much emphasis on labels. Working with the plants, energies and spirits of the land I occupy while working to provide food, comfort, physical and social security for my family takes up the majority of my practice. I am a writer, sacred beekeeper, gardener, warrior, dedicant to old skills and earth-based practices and educating others for self-reliance. I believe in mutual aid and strong community ties for security and safety moving forward into the future.

I own an occult shop named Ancient Earth, (local sales only, mail order coming soon) where I make with my hands the objects used for witchcraft and spiritual practice. More information on Ancient Earth can be found on the Esoterica section of this website.

The Mountain Goddess Kybele remains the continued force and energy that keeps me grounded and moving forward in these Tower times.


A dedicant of the Morrigan, Nightchade was a co-founder of the Earth-Rain-Sky Temple. She is an accomplished Tarot reader and artist that contributes occult items to Ancient Earth under the name of Inkwells and Rituals. She does calligraphy, beautiful artwork and jewellery. Many of her items are available at any given time at Ancient Earth. Nightchade is based in the Okanagan area of BC.