Kootenay Mutual Aid Network

~We Show Up~

Who We Are.

We saw a need developing in our region, as climate change and political unrest escalates, we decided to create an aid network of people helping people, neighbours supporting neighbours and offering assistance as required. Kootenay Mutual Aid Network was born, dedicated to helping our communities during times of crisis, emergency and/or need. We are not affiliated with any other group and are not funded by any institution. Our work and supplies are funded solely by individual donations.

What We Do.

We are a base-camp style organization with volunteers running sub-groups for emergency mutual aid, disaster support, sustainability education and support, political awareness, direct action, community organization, and skills education and workshops.

How You Can Help.

Everyone has a skill that could be very useful in Kootenay Mutual Aid Network. We are looking for anyone that has experience in any of the above listed projects. Can you organize a storage room, cook for a crowd, hand out supplies, delivery information, use a computer, drive a vehicle, fill a sand bag, use a chainsaw, paint a sign, plant a garden or comfort a stranger? We are always looking for professionals as well, such as medics, accountants, people with experience in firefighting, community work, alternative health care, and associated fields.

Comfort packs for unhoused.

We will be collecting these items to make harm reduction packages for un-housed people. The packs will have a variety of the following:




-period products



-wet wipes

-hand warmers



-protein bars/snacks



-rain ponchos

What We Need.

Community disaster supplies needed for when we get up and running:

-water purification supplies (life-straws, tablets, water preserver concentrate)

-canned, dried and staples food

-hygiene supplies (soap, feminine products, wet wipes)

-diapers (during a crisis- formula)


-sand bags

-small & medium first aid kits

-gas vouchers (in evac situations)

-batteries & candles

-pet food

-network of numbers to access livestock food & supplies

-face masks

-hand sanitizer

-rain ponchos


-glow sticks/flares

-glow in the dark signage

-garbage bags (can be used for sanitation)

-siphon/ hand pumps

-duct tape


-mess kits (dishes, utensils)

-books, games, puzzles kits

-paper/pencil kits

Contact us for more information and if you would like to join us:


Kootenay Lake Lockdown Mutual Aid Network on facebook