The woodcraft came into being with Keith, my Greenman, making needed medieval style items for camping with the SCA, such as lanterns, candle holders and buckets. That led to making more and more items as people ask for them. The list includes weaving swords, forks, spoons, plates, cups, crates and trunks, spirtles, Viking style combs and cloak pins… Keith continues to come up with new ideas for wooden items with a medieval (or witchy) slant.

Woodcraft items are for sale at the J.B. Fletcher Historical Building in Ainsworth, BC. Drop back often as new items are being added continually. 

Stash box made from fumed bird’s eye maple. Has a full length metal pin hinge.

Decorated Spell Box.

Hand turned wooden wine stoppers.

Bread boxes are one step further to reducing plastic use. This one belongs to the witch. There are more in the store.

Viking style lanterns.

Glass and plastic free camping. Great for the patio, too.

Viking ship candle holders. Makes great table centres.

Medium size trunk, great for storage, medieval style re-enactment camping.

Water bucket in progress.