Nothing that we sell is EVER a substitute for proper medical care, logic and common sense. The items we sell can be comforting and empowering on a personal level but it is up to you to look after yourself with responsibility and maturity. 

We, at Ancient Earth, take magic seriously. We also take looking after the earth seriously. Our products are all handmade, individually and mostly one of a kind. We use materials as natural and locally sourced as we can find. From the Canadian sourced bees wax in the hand rolled candles, to the herbs grown in our garden, we strive to package items as lightly as possible or in reusable containers. We try to find and re-purpose many items such as wood in the woodcraft and boxes, bags and spell bottles. We are dedicated to finding ways to live without plastic or excessive or unnecessary fossil fuel use. We fully support all ways of transitioning to a cleaner and more sustainable future. After all, we are dirt worshipping Earth witches.

These photos are of either current or past products. Similar products are being created all the time.

Blend your own incense boxes come with locally harvested base ingredients to create your own personal incense blend. Included is a charcoal disc to get you started and a crystal spoon to portion out your incense. Comes with instructions to create your own blend.

A sampling of some of the products we sell. Boxes, books, jewellery, candles, incense, spell bottles.

These spell bottles will help you with your intentions or goals. Some are already infused with a specific energy listed on the tag. Choose the one that speaks to you or your intentions. (from Inkwells and Rituals for Ancient Earth)

Pyrography decorated spell boxes filled with witch’s tools.

Treasure box for winter stuffed with herbs, oils and candles for all your spellcasting needs.

Tarot boxes to protect your cards. They will have velvet lining and various wood finishes. Boxes come empty.

The Cailleach Bhéarais the Goddess of Winter in Scottish Gaelic mythology. Her face is polymer clay, her dress is linen, her cloak is wool. She is carrying a staff of applewood and her burlap basket has Rowan wood kindling. Her belt is drum sinew. She is standing on Grandfather’s Beard and fir wood. In late winter, she gathers firewood to see her through until spring.

This is the Helm of Awe Protection Box. The Ægishjálmr is a symbol from Old Norse mythology that was used to protect warriors in battle. The box is cedar with the Helm of Awe and the Elder Futhark runes burned into the top. It is unfinished on the inside so the cedar scent further protects the contents. Includes a hand dipped candle with holder, a ceramic offering plate, a crystal slice, an arrowhead pendant, red twine for cord magic, a small wood stave carved with the rune jera for a good harvest, a modern Swedish troll cross thought to symbolize the rune othala – the ancestral property. This is in the shop now.

New spell candle bundles heading up to the shop. I personally hand rolled each one with pure beeswax. No paraffin or petroleum derived wax ever in our candles. These spell candles burn for aprox. 3 and a half hours. There are 6 in each bundle, yellow, red, blue, green for the 4 quarters and black and white for the moons, deity or other type of spell work. Each bundle is tied with a length of drum-making sinew and comes complete with a gold pentacle.

This Moon Goddess spell box is in the shop now. Box is made by my Greenman and decorated and finished by me. While I will continue to use my favourite images, most boxes are one-of-a-kind and won’t be duplicated exactly. This box is full of Full Moon Spell workings.

This spell box is at the shop now. It is stuffed with all the things you need for powerful spell work.

I love recycling materials into new things. I made these suncatchers from old electrical wire that I stripped and separated. The bead is swarovski crystal. I will have a few of these fun danglies in the shop for the spring.

Delux Witch Box

Delux witch box with a great assortment of herbs, oils, candles, cleansing wand, feather fan, Goddess soap, mini-book of shadows, altar cloth, mini-chalice, stones and crystals. Herbs and oils come in small re-usable glass vials with either cork or screw-caps.

Small box perfect for a deck of tarot cards. (cards not included)

Hand rolled spell candles, pure beeswax. Sold in singles or altar groupings with a charm.

Juniper and artemesia smoke wands with turkey feather fans. Also, in photo is the crescent moon offering plate.

Temple Incense ~ all ingredients wild harvested with care in the beautiful Kootenay region.

The Witches Altar cabinet, crescent moons on a deep blueberry colour.

Scrying mirrors, beautiful black reflective surface to assist you on your divination journey.

Dangley things… for porch, veranda, garden or Temple. Just for fun.

Small spell boxes with different theme workings, including “Love Yourself”, “Empowerment”, “Forest Protection”, “Dark Magic”, “Full Moon”, and “Dark Moon”.